смотреть трейлеры фильмов 2013


Class length First class per week Second class per week Third class per week  
55 min
These prices apply if you register for the full semester
$16 $13.50 $12.50  

Private (1 hour)
1 student working with teacher

$55  -  -  

Semi-private (1 hour)
2 students working with teacher

$60  -  -  
Registration Fee $20  -  -  
First trial class $20  -  -  

Taxes not included

Terms and Conditions

  • Fees may be paid by cash or cheque
  • An annual non-refundable registration fee of $20 applies for each dancer
  • An administration fee of $35 is due for each returned cheque
  • Additional classes or recital expenses are an extra charge
  • You will be given a credit for any class cancelled by the ODA
  • You will not receive a refund for a class if you withdraw from it after the third class in the current semester
  • In the case of a provincial lockdown, classes will resume virtually – no credits or refunds will be provided
  • The studio will not provide refunds if a student misses classes. Classes for refunds are only made when the studio cancels a class.