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Lyudmyla Kashkovar

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Lyudmyla Kashkovar graduated with a M.A. specializing in History from the Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine. After her graduation, she decided to academically pursue her passion – dance. In 2001, Lyudmyla enrolled in the Kyiv Municipal Ukrainian Dance Academy to study the art of choreography. She graduated in 2006 with a M.A. specialising in Contemporary Dance Choreography.

At the age of 19, Lyudmyla was the founder and choreographer of one of the biggest and most popular dance schools in Ukraine – “Perlina.” She was the permanent choreographer of the school for over 20 years. “Perlina” demonstrated its talent not only in the biggest cities of Ukraine, but also across various European counties. Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Education commissioned Lyudmyla’s dance school to represent Ukrainian choreography in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, France, Romania, and Poland. “Perlina” also demonstrated its mastery in the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Kiev.

As a director of various dance shows, Mrs. Kashkovar has worked in countries such as Russia, Poland, and Germany. She choreographed performances at the opening of the children’s international film-festival “Alie Parussa” in 2004 and 2005. Lyudmyla was also the director of dance shows on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and 2007.

For her significant contribution to the development and education of the younger generation, Lyudmyla received several awards from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Lyumyla Kashkovar is an experienced teacher with a high level of professional knowledge and skill. Studying the craft of famous schools of choreography of Europe and North America, Lyudmyla developed a unique dance methodology regarding the training of students.

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