Our teachers

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Lyudmyla Kashkovar

Lyudmyla Kashkovar is the founder, owner, main teacher and choreographer at Ottawa Dance Academy. She teaches Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and Jazz Dance.

Lyudmyla graduated with a M.A. specializing in History from the Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine. After her graduation, she decided to academically pursue her passion – dance. In 2001, Lyudmyla enrolled in the Kyiv Municipal Ukrainian Dance Academy to study the art of choreography. She graduated in 2006 with a M.A. specialising in Contemporary Dance Choreography.

At the age of 19, Lyudmyla was the founder and choreographer of one of the biggest and most popular dance schools in Ukraine – “Perlina.” She was the permanent choreographer of the school for over 20 years. “Perlina” demonstrated its talent not only in the biggest cities of Ukraine, but also across various European counties. Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Education commissioned Lyudmyla’s dance school to represent Ukrainian choreography in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, France, Romania, and Poland. “Perlina” also demonstrated its mastery in the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Kiev.

As a director of various dance shows, Mrs. Kashkovar has worked in countries such as Russia, Poland, and Germany. She choreographed performances at the opening of the children’s international film-festival “Alie Parussa” in 2004 and 2005. Lyudmyla was also the director of dance shows on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and 2007.

For her significant contribution to the development and education of the younger generation, Lyudmyla received several awards from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Lyumyla Kashkovar is an experienced teacher with a high level of professional knowledge and skill. Studying the craft of famous schools of choreography of Europe and North America, Lyudmyla developed a unique dance methodology regarding the training of students. 


Valeria Belikova

Valeria teaches Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance, and Dancehall/Vogue

Valeria began dancing when she was only eight years old, studying Classical Ballet, Folk, Jazz Dance, and Oriental Dance styles at the Viva Dance Company in Russia. Performing in the competitive and pre-professional level group of the Viva Dance Company, Valeria became the laureate of pan-Russian competitions and have won the Grand Prix at the international competition in Bulgaria (2005). She also participated in numerous international dance festivals in Czech Republic (2006), Italy (2007), France (2010), and Latvia (2011). 

In 2012, Valeria graduated from the “Kaluga Souvenir Dance Company” specializing in the following disciplines: Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and Oriental Dance.

After obtaining her Master’s degree in pedagogical education from Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University, Valeria was the lead Jazz choreographer at the “Masterskaya Tantsa” Studio of Dance.

Valeria was also working as a choreographer at ”Viva Dance Company”, where she have completed a course of seminars on contemporary choreography taught by and internationally acclaimed choreographer-director A.A. Litvinov.

Other famous choreographers that Valeria has worked with:

  • Hip-Hop: Zhenya Baryshev, Joseph Go, and Koutieba Alashhab
  • Vogue: Kendall Muggler
  • Dancehall: Camron One Shot
  • Contemporary: Alica Dotsenko, Baina Basanova, and Katya Ryzhakova

In 2017, Valeria as contracted as a director of choreography for “Faces and Masks,” a theatrical stage performance directed by Viktor Derinov, Kaluga Theatre.

Haley Ticknor

Haley began dancing in her hometown of Kitchener, Ontario at a young age. Growing up she was heavily involved at her studio, Carousel Dance Center, training in ballet, modern and jazz as well as composition. By the age of 8 Haley was part of the carousel dance company where she would focus on developing performance skills.

After graduating from Eastwood Collegiate Institute's Integrated Arts Program with a major in dance, Haley continued pursuing dance by attending many pre-professional contemporary dance trainings such as, The Dance Theatre David Earle and The Toronto Dance Theatre summer intensives.

Before moving to Ottawa Haley spent a year teaching and choreographing with Carousel Dance Center where she found a passion for working with younger dancers. Most recently, Haley has graduated from The School of Dance's Professional Contemporary Dance Programme in Ottawa where she trained extensively in contemporary technique and other skills such as creation, improvisation and somatic work.


Leana Aleksyeyeva  

Leana teaches Acro Classes and Jazz Dance

Leana Aleksyeyeva began dancing at the age of 3 in Odessa, Ukraine. When she was 5, Leana moved to Canada with her family and pursued her passion for dance, taking competitive level classes at “Ottawa Dance Academy” under the supervision of Lyudmyla Kashkovar.

She engaged in a variety of dance styles, namely Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop and Jazz Dance.

Leana also participated in numerous dance competitions and received awards as a soloist and with her group. Some include: 1st  Place at “Hit the Floor”, special awards for control and balance and a perfect platinum score at “American Dance Awards”, as well as a Teen Miss Broadway title at the “Ticket to Broadway Dance Competition” for having 1st Overall Score and a scholarship, that gave her the opportunity to continue her dance education in Hollywood.

As of 2016, Leana Aleksyeyeva has assisted Lyudmila Kashkovar in teaching Acrobatics and Jazz classes for intermediate and pre-competitive levels. In 2017, she began teaching Acrobatics and Jazz Dance by herself.

Leana has been able to collect her dance knowledge from several teachers at dance workshops, educational seminars and studios across North America. In Hollywood, Leana has taken classes at Millennium Dance Complex, Playground L.A., Studio V, Athletic Garage Dance Center, Starwest Studios, The Penthouse of Noho, and Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studio.

She also had the privilege to work with some of the world’s most famous choreographers

  • Don McCardle (Ballet)
  • Anthony Carr (Hip-Hop)
  • Melena Rounis (Hip-Hop),
  • Liz Imperio (Latin-Jazz, Jennifer Lopez’ choreographer)
  • Flii Stylz (Hip-Hop, Chris Brown’s choreographer)
  • Natalli Reznik (Contemporary Dance)
  • Michelle Loucadoux (Ballet, Hip-Hop, Contemporary Dance)
  • Menina Fortunato and Sheldon Robins

Leana also has taken part in 2 music videos: Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” and Milana Zilnik’s “The Snow Queen Waltz”.

Leana Aleksyeyeva has developed an extensive relationship with the art of dance by gaining experience from Canada, United States, and Ukraine. 

Nathalie Banks

Nathalie teaches beginner and intermediate level Hip-Hop.

Nathalie Banks discovered her passion for dance while she was growing up in Georgian Bay, Ontario. In her early teenage years, she was entrusted to create routines for local talent shows and events.

When Nathalie moved to Ottawa, she started teaching advanced level Hip-Hop classes at the University of Ottawa’s Dance Club. Nathalie was continuously pushing herself and her students by creating multiple routines for showcases that sold out every year.

With an urban freestyle approach, she incorporates both traditional and modern techniques in her choreographies. In order to broaden and shape her dancing style, Nathalie studied multiple genres, namely Ballet, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical.

Nathalie encourages new dancers by living by her motto: “Everyone can Dance!”


Taryn Ross

Taryn Ross is a certified teacher in Jazz, Ballet, and Lyrical Dance; she received her certification from the British Association of Teachers of Dancing in 2014.

For 15 years, Taryn had the opportunity of being trained at Sherry Walsh Academy of Dance Arts. During her dance education, she had volunteered and was selected on numerous occasions to teach classes in various dance styles.

After completing her dance education at the Sherry Walsh Academy of Dance Arts, Taryn became an instructor at Expressions de Danse in North Bay, Ontario. For 4 years she had trained students (ages 3 – 17) in styles such as Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Acro.

During her formal education, Tarryn was elected Captain of the Lakers Dance Pak. As a captain, she held auditions, booked competitions, and choreographed competitive choreography for the team.

Furthermore, Tarryn had the privilege of dancing with the Moscow Ballet Company in the production of The Nutcracker in 2010, and received a scholarship in 2013 from the National Ballet Company.